Tips for the rental

Energy contract
Since the energy market liberalisation, energy contracts are now linked to a person and not to a particular address. This implies that a new renter will enter into a new energy contract for your property. A renter who leaves will also be responsible for terminating his or her contract with the energy provider. If a new renter has not been found after the previous renter has left, you can opt to have the electricity disconnected. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay a disconnection fee. You can also opt for a vacancy contract. The advantage in this case is that you will not have to make any advance monthly payments. 

Interior design
The look and feel that is created by the furniture and interior design elements, determines your propertys appeal to renters. In some cases, this plays an even bigger role than the location, size or layout. Opt for a neutral, simple interior design. This will appeal to the broader public and will give every renter the opportunity to add his or her personal touch to the rental property. The quality and condition impact the manner in which people will treat your belongings: well cared for, good looking furniture will also be treated with respect. Most renters prefer wooden or laminate flooring. Renters also expect modern equipment and provisions, such as flat screen TVs, a microwave, toaster and coffee machine, all in good condition of course. Opt for cutlery and crockery that are easy to replace. After all, these items often break. Rental legislation states that furnishing costs for a residence are depreciated over a period of 60 months. In other words, keep proper records of all expenses related to your furnishings.

The Energy Label is mandatory for rental properties
Since 1 January 2015, landlords have been required by law to provide evidence of the propertys Energy Label, to new renters. The Label comes automatically with the Energy Index, which you will need if you plan on renting out your property / properties. The Energy Index replaces the Energy Performance Certificate and is linked to the system by which the maximum rental value of a property is calculated (Dutch: Woningwaarderingsstelsel, WWS). The energy performance plays a role in the number of points allocated to a standalone rental property. You dont have to do anything if you have an Energy Performance Certificate or Energy Label that was issued before 1 January 2015, on condition that it was not issued more than 10 years ago. If you dont have either and your rental property is rented out for less than the liberalisation limit, it would be wise to request an Energy Index or you will lose points in the system. Also refer to

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