Managing your rental property

Do you have an apartment rental property and are you looking for a manager? 
Are you heading out of the country and looking to rent out your home?
Would you like to save yourself the hassle of having to keep an eye on things from abroad?

Put the management and maintenance tasks related to your rental home or apartment in Beheermijnvastgoeds hands. I will be your eyes, ears and hands on location and will be a fixed local contact point for your renters. Your home will be in good hands with me. I will take action on your behalf and will make sure that your renter is able to live pleasantly in the home, while making sure that the property is still maintained.

Renting out your home while you are far away is a difficult and time-consuming process. You cannot answer rentersquestions immediately, have no idea about the work that must be done, and depend entirely on friends and family to keep an eye on things. I will take all the worries out of your hands and will make the management aspect of your rental property easy for you.

At any given time, Beheermijnvastgoed manages roughly 40 rental properties in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. I will gladly offer the same service to you!

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We hope to see you soon.

Yvette Krützmann

Clients speak their mind

  • Mark de Groot

    Yvette has been managing my rental apartment in Amsterdam for years. She does all the work for me and I dont have to worry about a thing. I trust her blindly. Equally important: my renters are just as happy with her great service! I can definitely recommend Beheermijnvastgoed to anybody.